Why Chevening?

Why Chevening


By W.M.

Pursuig a master’s degree from a well-known world recognized university is the dream of a lot of ambitious professionals everywhere. At least it is one of my own dreams. I’ve always visualized completing my Master’s degree in another country away from my mother one for different personal and professional reasons. So I felt I needed to start my adventure of searching for a scholarship. Chevening was one of the options I had through searching google engine. By researching more and more about it and knowing about its priorities I decided to apply for it. Here are a group of reasons my potential Chevening mates and I agreed that it makes Chevening scholarship stands out in comparison to other scholarships.

Gaining a fully funded master’s program with other side expenses is really challenging, but we all agree that it is worth it. I was really interested in the process of applying for Chevening rather than other scholarships since it really provides a completely comprehensive application process with a detailed timeline where you’ll feel structured and oriented.

After searching and reading more and more about this elite scholarship, I just became more dedicated to apply for it. I was really fascinated by its vision of supporting future potential leaders and excellent networkers who are keen on bringing significant changes to their professions in their countries.

Among most Chevening applicants, we all praised the strong network that Chevening provides. The application process already gave us the chance to network with applicants from all over the world and to share the principles of effective communication. Most applicants considered Chevening network as the top reason for choosing it among other international scholarships. That is because of its commitment of building lasting relationships between scholars and alumni even after going back to their countries by attending various Chevening events both in the UK and their home country. Chevening provides vast engagement events such as networking events, volunteering opportunities, talks, and other trips across UK that would extremely support scholars on personal, academic, and professional levels.

Experiencing life in the UK was a strong reason for choosing Chevening. This is related to the interest of multiple applicants in the UK culture, cultural diversity, and other UK values where they all believed that this adventure would add a lot for their personal life such as being more open-minded and gaining various cultural experiences. The variety of masters programs provided by British universities alongside its excellent educational system and reputation were highly approved by all applicants.

In being selected for Chevening, you become part of a community distinguished by personal, academic, professional, and cultural levels. I believe it really worth the effort and patience.


*Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not reflect that of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and its partner organizations.



  1. Hi.. Thank you for this.. I cant wait for your next post as Ive read it will be about choosing universities. I am currently in the process of researching for programs that fit me well.


  2. I applied for Chevening three times without succeeding and I am going to apply for the fourth when is due. So happy to read from you and I am patiently looking forward to read your next post. Thank you. From Nigeria


  3. Thanks for the writeup. I have applied yo Chevening scholarship thrice without success. By God’s grace, I will continue to apply for it until I become successful.


    • Perseverance is key. Achieving greatness does not come without failure but it comes with getting back up again and again until you succeed! Never give up, learn from your mistakes and ours too, hopefully our advice on what we the bloggers have learnt in hindsight may be helpful to you in achieving success this year.



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